Artificial Intelligence 2months

This curriculum is project-based and will help students explore the field of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in a practical way.

Section 1 : Review of AI Foundations Class

Unit 1: What is AI/ML
Unit 2: Real world applications of Machine Learning.
Unit 3: Review kinds of ML problems & their solutions (Supervised & Unsupervised Learning).
Unit 4: Workflow of solutions to ML problems.

Section 2: Building custom Classification Algorithm

Unit 1: Review of classification problems & algorithms.
Unit 2: Building a custom nearest neighbor algorithm.

Section 3: Building custom Regression Algorithm

Unit 1: Review of regression problems & algorithms.
Unit 2: Building a custom regression algorithm.

Section 4: Building custom Clustering Algorithm

Unit 1: Review of clustering problems & algorithms.
Unit 2: Building a custom k-means clustering algorithm.

Section 5: Object Recognition with Open CV

Unit 1: Introduction to Image Processing & Object Recognition.
Unit 2: Building an object recognition system using Open CV.

Section 6: Neural Networks with Tensorflow

Unit 1: Introduction to Neural networks.
Unit 2: Building a Neural Network using Tensorflow.

Section 7: Introduction to Some ML Tools

Unit 1: Introduction to Azure ML.
Unit 2: Introduction to Wolfram Mathematica.
Unit 2: Introduction to Google Cloud ML.

Section 8: Hackathon

3-Day Hackathon

Isaac Atia


Isaac Atia-Abugbilla has a background in Electrical/Electronic Engineering and a self-taught Artificial Intelligence engineer, IoT engineer and PCB design engineer. He is an advocate of open source hardware and software and contributes to this course by making his works public through online repositories. He has worked on a number of projects in machine learning and data science which he also makes available on his online repositories.