The Hive community represent our Reach, Residents, Incubates, partners, stakeholders, our Science communities for Junior students (Lab_13 Ghana) students and our undergraduate student group (Creativity Group).

At Kumasi Hive, our primary task is to positively impact the lives of our individuals and community thus, the Hive is a representation of the community ecosystem, which defines our objectives and aspirations. Our commitment is to facilitate a vibrant ecosystem by building a platform for rapid prototyping of ideas, budding local innovations, impact start-up support & promoting youth entrepreneurship as a way of addressing critical social economic and developmental challenges.


A Community for learning, discovery, innovation, expression and discourse.
Creativity Group is a student-focused organization, which seeks to create a collaborative interdisciplinary platform for university undergraduate students, eager to use their knowledge with innovation and technology as a tool, to solve problems in our communities and in Ghana as social interventions for sustainable development
Digital Arts Community
The Digital Arts Community was born to facilitate peer-to-peer learning on current and new technologies in Augmented and Virtual Reality. This Community consists of both developers and enthusiasts of this technology. The Community aims at using the skills acquired to undertake projects as a team to impact various fields like education, healthcare, e-commerce, navigation, and gaming.
Startup Community
The startup community focuses on startups who want to thrive in our current ecosystem. Do you have a business, needs the right resources to grow?
Mentors and Facilitators Community
Our M&F Community is focused on getting industry experts who have the growth of young startups and businesses at heart, and are willing to mentor and help them grow. Do join us if you share this same vision.



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