The Hive community represent our Reach, Residents, Incubates, partners, stakeholders, our Science communities for Junior students (Lab_13 Ghana) students and our undergraduate student group (Creativity Group).

At Kumasi Hive believe our primary task is to positively impact the lives of our people and community positively, as such, the Hive is a representation of the community ecosystem, which defines our objectives and aspirations. Our commitment is to facilitate a vibrant ecosystem by building a platform for rapid prototyping of ideas, budding local innovations, impact start-up support & promoting youth entrepreneurship as a way of addressing critical social economic and developmental challenges.

Current CoMmunities

A Community for learning, discovery, innovation, expression and discourse.
Creativity Group is a student-focused organization, which seeks to create a collaborative interdisciplinary platform for university undergraduate students, eager to use their knowledge with innovation and technology as a tool, to solve problems in our communities and in Ghana as social interventions for sustainable development
3D printers made from E-waste
Addressing both the affordability of 3D printing technology and the issue of electronic waste, KLAKS 3D are working on 3D printers made from e-waste. Using locally available materials that would otherwise be thrown away, and turning them into new machines that can in turn be used to produce other needed. The source motors, power supplies and other parts that are in good working order but would otherwise be scrapped and put them through rigorous quality control procedures.
Drip irrigation & mulch technology to grow vegetables with little water
Inspired by the lack of fresh vegetables during the dry season, Faith Tech Ghana are currently at the product development phase, running field trials (literally!) for different nozzle configurations to maximize the efficiency of their low cost, locally-manufacturable drip irrigation system. They combine it with a special mulch that further reduces the amount of water needed. This is vitally important technology where imported irrigation systems are beyond the purchasing power of smallholders, and the rainy seasons are getting shorter and less reliable.



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