Initiatives Leads

Never relinquish initiative.

Diana Donkor

Prac-Science Lab

Diana is project lead for the Prac-Science Lab which seeks to complement the traditional way of teaching and learning science by creating low cost laboratory for basic schools to have practical demonstration of the science subject.

Bernardine Ayim-Gharbin

Kids Makers

Bernardine is Lead for the Kids Makers project which is an initiative under Kumasi Hive that tutor and train kids to know more about Technology with which we call Science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education.

Aurora Agyemang Adwubi

Technical Associate

Aurora is lead for a nanotechnology project that explores different techniques to increase solar panel efficiencies. She manages the BioMaker Project that intersects different disciplines in building open-source technologies.

Anastasia Ackom Antwi

Technical Associate

Anastasia Ackom Antwi is an associate researcher at Hive Biolab, Kumasi Hive. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering. She recently kick started her career and is passionate about STEM education, scientific research in the field of BIotechnology and Open source hardware.

Veronica Amponsah


Veronica is a seasoned marketing executive with 4 years of experience in developing and executing successful marketing strategies for MakeJewel Lab, a subsidiary company under Kumasi Hive. With a track record of driving revenue growth, brand recognition, and market share, Veronica has led cross-functional teams to develop and launch high-impact campaigns across various channels, including digital, social, and traditional media.

Ofori-Boye Gilbert

Kids Makers

Gilbert, an associate facilitator at the Kids-Makers project, passionately advocates for STEM education. He is also actively involved in front-end development and greatly inspires young minds in programming and technology.