Internet of Things 2months

Concept of the Internet of Things is becoming increasingly important and understanding both the technical and wider societal impacts of the Internet of Things will be crucial for the digital citizens of the future.

Chapter 1: Brief history on the internet of things

• How it started
• Where it started
• Some of the projects it was used for.


Chapter 2: Introduction to the internet of things

• What is the internet of things
• Understanding Smart, Connected and IoT devices
• What are some of its applications

1hr. 10min.

Chapter 3: Introduction to Basic Electronics and Electrical Concepts

• Understanding current and voltage laws
• Using resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes etc
• Voltage divider and current limiting procedures
• Using multimeters for readings

2hrs. 27min.

Chapter 4: Hardware and Software Available

• Available sensors
• Available Micro Controllers(edge devices)
• Single Board Computers(edge devices)
• Actuators (servo and stepper motors, Relays, LEDs etc.)
• Other devices (LCDs, i2c bus etc.)

2hrs 1min.

Chapter 5: Getting Started with Arduino and Sensors

• Installing the Arduino IDE and configuring it for the first time
• Understanding Arduino pins and Functions
• Programming an Arduino
• Understanding and using serial monitor
• Adding sensors to an Arduino
• Using sensor values to control Actuators
• Other devices (LCDs etc)

1hr. 35min.

Chapter 6: Getting Started with ESP8266

• Flashing an ESP for the first time
• Understanding ESP pins and function
• Programming an ESP
• Setting ESP Network Modes
• Connecting a Sensor or Actuator to An ESP
• Using an ESP to access a Network
• Using an ESP to access Resources on the Internet


Chapter 7: IoT WebServers and Protocols Involved

• What are webservers
• What are IoT webservers
• Some available webservers (Thinkspeak, Thingworx,
• How to use a webserver for in an IoT solution
• What protocols are involved (mqtt)
• Demonstrate the use of a webserver in an IoT solution


Chapter 8: Communication Technologies (GSM)

• Intro to GSM shields
• How to a connect GSM shield to an Arduino
• Using a GSM shield to send SMS
• Using a GSM shield to place Calls
• Using a GSM shield to access the internet


Chapter 9: Introduction to Edge Devices(Raspberry Pi)

• Downloading and Installing NOOBS to SD card
• Understanding the “Raspbian” environment
• Using basic Linux commands in terminal
• Wiring peripherals to GPIO pins
• Installing software’s
• Running a server on a Pi
• Programming with python
• Posting data to Thingspeak using python scripts


Prince Banini


Prince is Lead developer of internet of things, embedded systems and single board computer based prototypes. He plans and coordinates the IoT master’s training program.