Robotics 2months

We think of Robotics as the science of building devices that physically interact with their environment. Get introduced to this exciting world and learn how to build, program and control your own robots for various applications.

Chapter 1: Introductory 2D/3D Modelling

• Introduction to Fusion 360
• Basics of 3D modelling with Fusion 360
• Intermediate 3D modelling with Fusion 360

6 hrs.

Chapter 2: Mechanics

• Rigid motion and homogeneous transformations
• Forward and Inverse kinematics
• Velocity Jacobian

8 hrs.

Chapter 3: Controls

• Introduction to control methods
• Joints feedback control

8 hrs.

Chapter 4: Electronics and Programming

• Electricity basics
• Electronics, sensors and actuators
• Microcontroller (Arduino) and Single Board Computer (Raspberry Pi) Programming

10 hrs.

Chapter 5: ROS Programming

• Introduction to ROS

4 hrs.

Chapter 6: Capstone Project

• Build a simple robot arm using concepts learned in class
• Introduce participants to path planning and why it is necessary

20 hrs.

Evans Tettey Djangbah


Evans is involved the design and construction of hardware projects at the Hive. He uses traditional and relatively new manufacturing techniques like 3D printing and laser cutting.