Software & Services


Hive engineers have always focused on one person when they build software — the person who will use it. Interacting with our creations, you’ll see why every product and service feels intuitive and simple and why every aspect of our work is built around a respect for the customer’s needs.

Philemon Gumah

AI| Mobile Apps|IoT

With a background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Phil is responsible for the Hive’s Mobile Application Platforms as well as Artificial Intelligence Solutions.

Daniel Kofi Kyeremateng

Developer Advocate |Blockchain | ML |E.S

Daniel is a Software Engineer, the Community Associate and the Software Team Lead at Kumasi Hive. He also coordinates all community activities of the Hive.

Mornah Hermann Anglania

UX/UI | Web Dev.| Networking | IoT

Hermann has a background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Certified by Huawei for Routing & Switching. He is responsible for UX/UI design, building and managing the Hive’s Web Platforms.

Bernado Acheampong

Information Systems and Business

Bernardo has a background in Business Administration and Computer Science. As such, he is responsible for Incorporating Relevant Technologies into the Hive’s business operations.