ITC Ye ! Boost Acceleration Program

Internationalizing export-ready enterprises

The Ye ! Anchor program is an acceleration program aimed at supporting young Ghanaian export-ready enterprises to internationalize.

Ye! Boost Program offers a challenging and comprehensive 14-weeks curriculum of company-building sessions designed to help entrepreneurs plan and start building every aspect of their business, from the core idea to the product and revenue model.
Acceleration Programme (14 weeks)

A 14 weeks acceleration program dedicated to internationalization and access to export markets and investment readiness for youth-led, export-ready ventures.

Course briefing

This virtual acceleration program will help you build awareness and improve the ability to use trade intelligence and build the capacity of export-ready businesses to respond to market opportunities.

Modules to be covered include:

  • Understanding the Social Investment Market
  • Market Analysis
  • Practical Financial Management
  • Branding, Sales & Marketing
  • Management & Planning
  • How to Internationalize and be export ready
  • Access seasoned experts

    Access seasoned experts, industry bodies, government organizations, buyers and financiers from Kumasi Hive’s network.

    Capacity building

    Capacity building activities under the Ye! Chapter name to strengthen the market ready skills of youth entrepreneurs.

    Networking/connecting events

    Networking or connecting events under the Ye! Chapter name to strengthen the network and provide linkage between members .

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