Hardware Incubator

Our Hardware incubator incubates selected promising hardware ideas and startups, helping them move from idea stage through prototyping to product-for-market stage with both technical and business development support.

The hardware incubator program is open for applications from ambitious impact ideas and startups.

We develop an individually tailored package of support for every business accepted into the Hardware Incubator. These include:

Business mentoring

We mentor you, as an entrepreneur, offering advice, guidance and support to help you run and improve your business.

Technical mentoring & access to our network of experts in particular technologies

Our extensive connections with our partners ensures you get the very best technical mentoring from experts.

Subsidized office / prototyping / production space

We provide adequate productive spaces and prototyping resources for projects at scale.

Access to makerspace equipment

Our maker space is equipped with technologies to make prototyping faster and easy.

Support to get seed funding (in some cases from the Hive Seed Fund)

We invest capital in promising startup companies we incubate under our programs.

Expert support on business planning, marketing, supply chain, and financial & governance systems to set your business up for success

Our business team provides expert support on business planning, marketing, supply chain, and financial & governance systems to set your business up for success.

Investment Readiness preparation

We help you prepare your business to poise well to attract investors.

Membership of The Hive Community: A vibrant support ecosystem for entrepreneurs and startups

With our extensive relationship with partners, the Hive Community is a vibrant support ecosystem for entrepreneurs and startups.


Practical science education in a box
We are taking a step beyond giving every school a science lab; we are going to give every student their own science lab! Imagine every student owning a science lab that contained components and apparatus needed for experiments. Imagine this science lab is so affordable, every student can have one. Now imagine, if this science lab was small enough to fit in every student’s bag! Imagine what science education will become. Using innovative design and manufacturing methods, we have created it, we call it the Science Set and it will change everything!
Electronic Components
Invent Electronics is a retailer of electronic components, Arduinos, Raspberry Pi’s, microcontroller kits and more. Invent exists to make it easier for students, makers, educators and hobbyists to quickly find and purchase electronic components or their projects locally.
Drip irrigation & mulch technology to grow vegetables with little water
Inspired by the lack of fresh vegetables during the dry season, Faith Tech Ghana are currently at the product development phase, running field trials (literally!) for different nozzle configurations to maximize the efficiency of their low cost, locally-manufacturable drip irrigation system. They combine it with a special mulch that further reduces the amount of water needed. This is vitally important technology where imported irrigation systems are beyond the purchasing power of smallholders, and the rainy seasons are getting shorter and less reliable.
Your Morning Inspiration
Shake up your wake up and say Good Morning to your body. For individuals who find a hard time or frustrating choosing what to eat and go through a tiresome process of preparing breakfast, Grab A Cup provides nutritious local breakfast dishes which comes in environmentally friendly packs delivered at your doorstep.



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