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Kumasi Hive exists to support entrepreneurs and innovators of all types, particularly to encourage social impact businesses to develop innovative physical products and processing methods. Also, we provide access to the local entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem including access to government, relevant industry players, start-up/businesses, CSOs, and other stakeholders.

The Hive focuses on bridging the existing Digital and tech skills gap in the African digital entrepreneurship ecosystem and seeks to address it through integrated innovation. As the world enters into the 4th Industry age, there is a shift from traditional jobs to digital and tech skills-based jobs, Kumasi Hive is therefore committed to helping build the future work with skills in emerging technologies and create jobs and solution through accelerated adoption of these emerging technologies

We incubate selected promising hardware tech startups through our Hardware incubator and maker space, helping them move from the idea stage through prototyping to the product-for-market stage with both technical and business development support.

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Based in Ghana, the Hive promotes sustainable industrialization by lowering the barriers to creating local small-scale manufacturing businesses for products needed in the community.

Our Hub concept is based on a Makerspace blueprint scalable anywhere in the world and we are already collaborating with organisations in Kenya, Myanmar, and Nepal.

The Hive hardware incubator incubate selected promising hardware startups, helping them move from idea stage through prototyping to product-for-market stage with both technical and business development support.

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There is a place here for every kind of brilliant.
We value passion, courage, and original thinking for every team and every role.

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