We plan, coordinate and execute the design of complex hardware and software defined projects. We run training programs in AI, IoT, Robotics and related emerging technologies, support the development process of startups from guiding and monitoring, aiding in engineering specifications, estimations and acquisition of parts down to the making and testing of the final products. We are made up of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Computer Scientist, materials engineers, etc.
In short, we are team of awesome people and who believe in Innovation.

Prince Banini

Training and Technical Associate

Lead developer of internet of things, embedded systems and single board computer based prototypes. Plan, coordinate and execute the IoT master’s training and all other programs.

Isaac Awindaog Atia-Abugbilla

Technical Associate

Atia has a background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He is a self taught data scientist, AI/ML and IoT engineer who loves to impart his expertise and knowledge.

Deborah Naa Ayeley Hammond-Sowah

Technical |  Creativity Group

Miss Sowah oversees Creativity Group, a student-run organization which seeks to create a collaborative interdisciplinary platform for undergraduate students in problem solving. She also doubles as a Technical Associate.

Daniel Ewusi-Essel

Technical – Fabrications

Daniel is Technical Lead for the Digital Fabrication of Jewelry project at the Hive that focuses on improving the local jewelry making. He also handles training programs in Game Development and Augmented Reality.

Christopher Amewuho

Technical Associate

Chris provides Engineering Solutions in areas of product design and development, materials selection and quality control employing current technologies such as augmented and virtual reality and 3D modelling and simulation.

Aurora Agyemang Adwubi

Technical Associate

Aurora is lead for a nanotechnology project that explores different techniques to increase solar panel efficiencies. She manages the BioMaker Project that intersects different disciplines in building open-source technologies.