Prac-Science Lab


Prac-Science Lab?

Prac-Science Lab allows students to explore and develop interest in the study of science and gain deeper understanding of it for creative and innovative thinking aimed at solving realistic problems in our country.

We aspire to complement the traditional text book method of teaching science and make it more interactive and practical, increasing students’ interest and performance to create future scientists.

Learning Science by doing

Set Up Labs

Science Based Activities

Training of trainers



Prac-Science Lab currently has four (4) labs within the Kumasi Metropolis.


What People Are Saying

Prac-Science Lab has given us the ability to teach science to students in new ways that we haven’t been able to previously.
Amponsah B. Stephen

Science Teacher

The students now have more understanding on the topics we introduce to them thanks to the Prac-Science Lab Initiative.
Alexis Moshopoulos


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